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Child Support Services Information for Employers

**Employers can send employee termination information or questions to or fax to 844-682-2171.
The role employers play is an important part in the process of supporting children.  
Should employers inquire about a child support case on behalf of the employee/obligor?
Employers should refrain from acting as the employee/obligor's representative on child support cases. If an employee/obligor has questions about their case, they should contact their attorney or the child support office which is administering or enforcing the IWO.

The contact information displayed on the IWO is the official attorney or office which requested or submitted the IWO.
Who should employee/obligors contact if they have questions about their cases?
Employee/obligors should consult their own attorney about their respective case(s). If they do not have an attorney, they may contact the court or child support office shown on the IWO which is enforcing or administering their case.
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