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Prevention and Protection Services Adoption Program

When a child comes into the custody of the Secretary of the Department for Children and Families, Child Welfare Case Management Providers, who are private contractors with the state, work with the child and family to resolve issues so the child can return home. When it is not possible for a child to go back to the family, parental rights may be taken away by the court or voluntarily surrendered. At that point the child is available for adoption.


Maintaining a child's connection to his or her relatives, culture and community is essential. Relatives are given first consideration as a placement option for a child so that if the child becomes available for adoption, his or her relatives are in a position to adopt the child.


Some children are placed in other kinds of homes when a relative is unavailable or unable to provide care for them. Most children available for adoption have suffered abuse, and/or neglect, and have major medical, emotional and developmental needs. Our Child Welfare Case Management Providers are responsible for finding homes for children who do not have another resource for adoption. FosterAdopt, Connect is the adoption exchange provider and gathers the information to list children and families on the adoption exchange website.  If you are interested in adopting, contact Adopt Kansas Kids or call them at 1-855-AdoptKS (1-855-236-7857). More helpful information concerning adoption can be found at Adopt US Kids or at ACF Child Welfare Adoption Information.

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