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Child Support Services Income Withholding Order

This webpage contains essential information pertaining to the compliance with income withholding orders issued for Kansas child support cases. There are several questions, answers as well as links to statutes that should help the employer have a better understanding of:


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information in this website is general in nature and intended to assist employers in complying with Income Withholding Orders. This should not be construed as legal advice concerning the employer's responsibility or legal sufficiency of the orders received. Employers who have specific questions or doubts about their legal responsibilities and potential liabilities should contact an attorney for representation.


In addition: The information in this website is oriented toward Administrative IWO's, those issued or requested by Kansas DCF Child Support Services using the form titled "Order/Notice To Withhold Income For Child Support", OMB: 0970-0154. HOWEVER, this information is also applicable to IWOs issued by Judges of Kansas state district courts.



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