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Child Support Services Kansas Income Withholding Order Statutes

To access the statutes in this list via the Kansas State Legislature website:
  1. Enter the Statute Number in "Section Number" box.
  2. Click on "Open."


Child Support Services Income Withholding Orders
Chapter 39.–Mentally Ill, Incapacitated and Dependent Persons;
Social Welfare
Article 7. Social Welfare 39-7,147 to 39-7,149
  • 39-7,147. Income withholding order. (Amended by HB 2015 effective July 1, 2013)
  • 39-7,148. Same; modification or termination. (Amended by HB 2015 effective July 1, 2013)
  • 39-7,149. Same; hearing.
Income Withholding; In-State Support Order and Income
  • 23-3101. Title and purpose of the act; severability.
  • 23-3102. Definitions (Amended by HB 2015 effective July 1, 2013)
  • 23-3103. Income withholding order; when effective; effect of order; title IV-D cases; service of order; order not issued, when; agreements or alternative arrangements; ex parte interlocutory orders; medical support orders. (Amended by HB 2015 effective July 1, 2013)
  • 23-3104. Payor's duties; cost recovery fee authorized; limit on amount withheld; violations by payor; penalties. (Amended by HB 2015 effective July 1, 2013)
  • 23-3105. Priority of withholding order; application of limitations imposed by other laws; multiple withholding orders, single obligor. (Amended by HB 2015 effective July 1, 2013)
  • 23-3106. Contest and stay of withholding order; when; grounds; hearing; disposition; immediate issuance of order; continuance; additional circumstances warranting issuance of order.
  • 23-3107. Modification or termination of withholding order, when; notice; medical withholding order.
  • 23-3108. Improper withholding; refund or credit.
  • 23-3109. Duty of obligee and public office to provide certain notices; records of support payments.
  • 23-3110. Change of obligor's payor or address and employment; related health benefits coverage, notice required.
  • 23-3111. Bond requirement when obligor self-employed or withholding otherwise impracticable.
  • 23-3112. Act not limitation on other remedies.
  • 23-3113. Forms and informational materials; system to monitor payments; subcontractors.
  • 39-7, 135. Income withholding agency designated; contracts for performance of functions.
  • 23-3114. Medical child support; order; coverage under health benefit plan; limited power of
    attorney; enrollment by employer, sponsor or administrator of health benefit plan; dis-enrollment.
  • 23-3115. Same; withholding order; issuance.
  • 23-3116. Same; requirements of withholding order.
  • 23-3117. Same; duties of payor with respect to withholding order.
  • 23-3118. Same; failure to maintain coverage.