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Economic & Employment Services Food Assistance Special Provisions

Special Provisions for the Elderly and/or Disabled 
Special Provisions for the elderly and/or disabled include medical expenses and shelter expenses. Additionally, elderly and disabled people who have difficulty getting around can ask the DCF office to arrange a home visit or telephone interview. Elderly and disabled people may also name an authorized representative who can complete the food assistance application process for them or can assist or accompany them.
Special Provisions for Medical Expenses
Medical Expenses may be allowed if a household has at least one person who:
  1. is 60 or older
  2. receives SSI benefits or disability payments under the Social Security Act
  3. is a disabled veteran, a disabled surviving spouse of a veteran, or a disabled surviving child of a veteran
  4. meets one of the other specific disability criteria
The person may deduct unreimbursed medical expenses that exceed $35 a month for its elderly or disabled members. Deductions are made from the household's adjusted income.
Special Provisions for Shelter Expenses
Households with elderly or disabled persons may also deduct all shelter costs over 50% of the household's adjusted income.
Special Provisions for Persons Getting Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Disabled persons receiving or applying for SSI benefits may apply for food assistance at local Social Security offices at the time they apply or reapply for SSI benefits. Joint processing is limited to persons who live in households in which all members are receiving or applying for SSI.
Special Provisions for Households with Farm Income
If the cost of producing farm income exceeds the income derived from self-employment as a farmer, such losses will be offset against any other countable income in the household. To utilize this provision, a self-employed farmer must receive or anticipate receiving annual gross proceeds of $1,000 or more from the farming enterprise.
Special Provisions for Categorically Eligible Households
Households in which all members receive or are authorized to receive Temporary Assistance for Families (TAF), General Assistance (GA) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) may be considered categorically eligible for food assistance because of their status as TAF, GA and/or SSI recipients. If all members of the household are approved for TAF, GA and/or SSI benefits, contact the local DCF service center about the possibility of categorical eligibility for food assistance.
Special Provisions for Kids in School
Children who get food assistance are automatically entitled to free school meals, including breakfast, lunch and milk. If you are approved for food assistance after the start of the school year, contact the school food service office and let them know your child(ren) are getting food assistance.
Complete information regarding food assistance eligibility can be obtained by contacting your local Department for Children and Families Office or call toll free at 1-888-369-4777.