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Economic & Employment Services The Kansas Head Start Collaboration Office

Mission and Goals of the Head Start Collaboration Office

The mission of the Kansas Head Start Collaboration Office (KHSCO) is to create a visible collaborative presence for Head Start at the state level while assisting in the development of significant, multi-agency and public-private partnerships.  These partnership initiatives support and enhance the capacity of early childhood programs, and improve the opportunities that affect low-income children and families in Kansas.
Enhanced program connections in early care and education are essential components of the 5 year grant period. The KHSCO will facilitate information sharing among Head Start programs, partners and state agencies to maximize resources and support for Head Start and low-income children, families, and child care systems.  This will be accomplished by providing resources to foster an environment of family engagement and promote the availability and accessibility of quality child care. This will allow families to have greater access and opportunity to quality early care and education.
Scope of Work

The KHSCO continues to strive for improving services in the 5 federally mandated priority areas that include: Early Head Start and Child Care (EHS-CC) Partnerships, State Data Systems, Workforce and Career Development, Quality Rating Improvement Systems (QRIS), and Coordination with State School Systems.  Other priorities that are set forth by the Regional Offices include: Health Services, Welfare and Child Welfare, Services to Children Experiencing Homelessness, Community Services including Services to Military Families, Family Literacy, and Services to Children with Disabilities and Inclusion Practices.
Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan
Head Start Act of 2007

Head Start State Collaboration Offices (HSSCO) are awarded funds under Section 642B of the 2007 Head Start Act.

Purpose of the Head Start State and National Collaboration Offices