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Prevention and Protection Services Child Protective Services Reports

Reports Received-SFY23

Statewide, the total number of child reports received is 23,113.
Historical Reports: SFY22 SFY21 SFY20 SFY19 SFY18  SFY17  SFY16  SFY15  SFY14  SFY13  SFY12  SFY11  SFY10



Reports Assigned-SF23

Statewide, 55% of child reports are assigned. ​

Historical Reports:  SFY​22​ SFY​21 SFY​20 SFY19 SFY18  SFY17   SFY16  SFY15  SFY14  SFY13  SFY12  SFY11  SFY10


FINA Presenting Situations for Assigned Reports-SFY23 
Statewide, 37.2% of assigned child reports involve the FINA presenting situation, Caregiver Unavailable or Unable to Care.
Historical Reports:  SFY22 SFY​21 SFY​20 SFY19 SFY18  SFY17  SFY16  SFY15  SFY14  SFY13  SFY12  SFY11  SFY10



Reports Assigned to Assess Alleged Maltreatment-SFY23
Statewide, the top three maltreatment types involved in assigned child reports are physical abuse (29.9%), lack of supervision (20.1%), and emotional abuse (23.0%).
Historical Reports:  SFY22 SFY21 SFY20 SFY19 SFY18  SFY17  SFY16  SFY15  SFY14  SFY13  SFY12  SFY11  SFY10



Timely Contact with Victim/Family-​SFY22
Statewide, 94.8% of assigned child reports had a timely contact with victim/family.
Historical Reports: SFY21​ SFY20  SFY19 SFY18  SFY17  SFY16  SFY15  SFY14  SFY13  SFY12  SFY11  SFY10



Statewide, 93.2% of child reports assigned for a finding are unsubstantiated. 

Historical Reports: SFY22 SFY21 SFY20 SFY19 SFY18 SFY17 SFY16  SFY15  SFY14  SFY13  SFY12  SFY11  SFY10



Recurrence of Maltreatment-SFY23

Statewide, 4.3% of children experience recurrent maltreatment.
A lower percentage is better for this measure.
Historical Reports:  SFY22 SFY​21 SFY​20 SFY19 SFY18   SFY17  SFY16 



SFY 1997-2020 Child Protective Services Statewide Service Frequency Table

Intakes Received Pursuant to K.S.A 65-445  SFY 2017 - 2022

Historical Reports: SFY 2011 - 2016​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​