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Child Support Services Payments

All support payments in Kansas are handled by the Kansas Payment Center (KPC). The KPC has many options and services for parents receiving support—including parents with a CSS case—and for parents paying support. To learn more, visit the KPC website,   
Up-to-date instructions regarding online payment records can be found on the KPC website. Click on “If You Receive Support” and explore “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ). Or explore the “Payment Records” tab on the left side of the KPC home page. The court order number (including the name of the county) will be required to search for a payment record.
KPC’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system may also be contacted at 1-877-572-5722 to hear information about recent payments or pre-recorded answers to common questions. The IVR is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you call between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Central Time, Monday through Friday (excluding state holidays) a customer service representative will be available.

It is very important that Child Support Services (CSS) and the KPC be informed immediately of mailing address changes. Mailing addresses are needed even when payments are received from KPC by direct deposit or on a KPC debit card (U.S. Bank Reliacard), so that replacement cards and important information can be sent.

All support payments from the NCP and the NCP’s employer need to be sent to the KPC, so they will be shown on the court’s payment record. The NCP will not get credit for a payment until it arrives at the KPC. 
One of the fastest ways for the NCP to get credit is if the payment is made online (KPCpay), and that can be done by the NCP or the NCP’s employer. Online payments by electronic check incur no additional fee. 

Unless otherwise ordered by a court, direct payments will be considered a gift and no credit will be given towards the child support obligation. If the CP receives a payment directly, it must immediately be sent through the KPC so the NCP gets credit. If a court order does not contain a requirement that the support payments be paid to the KPC, CSS will file a motion to obtain an order requiring all support payments to be made through the KPC. If the child is in foster care or custody of the Department of Corrections - Juvenile Services (KDOC-JS), all child support must be turned in. If TANF is being received, all current support for anyone on the grant must be turned in. If any support is kept that should have been turned in while assistance was being received, the State may collect the support back from the CP. If the State is unable to collect, a court order to repay the State may be obtained. In addition, the State may keep any state tax refund the CP would have received and apply it to this debt, or recover the money out of future payments.