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Evaluating Risks
DCF auditors identify and evaluate risk related to the goals and objectives of the agency. Risks are identified and classified, the consequences are measured according to severity and likelihood, and control procedures are examined to ensure management is addressing the risk.
Recommending Controls
DCF auditors evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of controls to meet the agency's goals and objectives. Controls refer to ethical values, consistency in meeting goals and performance measures.
Confirming Information
DCF auditors make sure that information is factual, accurate and complete. This is done by checking that the various data systems are processing information according to the intent, that information is entered into the systems accurately, and that reports are answering the questions intended.
Analyzing Operations
DCF auditors are well versed in DCF goals and objectives and examine and analyze processes to determine if DCF is operating effectively and efficiently. Findings are reported and recommendations for appropriate action are made.
Reviewing Compliance
DCF auditors ensure that DCF is adhering to federal and state policies, rules and regulations. Policies and procedures are the backbone of any organization. When guidelines are not adhered to goals may not be met and funding can be jeopardized.
Assuring Safeguards
DCF auditors review the means used by DCF to protect its assets including buildings, equipment, human resources, finances, and information and determine if adequate protections are in place.