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Rehabilitation Services SRC Mission, Objectives and Responsibilities

The objectives of the State Rehabilitation Council of Kansas are to: 

  • Build partnerships among people with disabilities, employers, service providers and advocacy organizations
  • Build a spirit of trust and partnership between the Council and the agency
  • Reach out to people with disabilities and employers throughout the state
  • Hear and respond to input from people with disabilities and other stakeholders
  • Carry out our responsibilities under the Rehabilitation Act

One of the major responsibilities of the SRC under the Rehabilitation Act is to provide advice and support to Kansas Rehabilitation Services.  Some examples:

  • Collaborate with KRS to identify key challenges and opportunities
  • Advise and assist in the preparation of the State Plan submitted to the U.S. Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)
  • Review the effectiveness of the program by listening directly to consumers and other stakeholders through public forums or focus groups; by analyzing results of consumer satisfaction surveys; and by assessing outcomes.