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Prevention and Protection Services Child Mandated Reporters


Child Mandated Reporters According to KSA 38-2223


  • Persons licensed to practice the healing arts
  • dentistry and optometry
  • persons engaged in post graduate training programs approved by the state board of healing arts
  • licensed professional or practical nurses
  • chief administrative officers of medical care facilities
  • Licensed psychologists
  • licensed masters level psychologists
  • licensed clinical psychotherapists
  • licensed social workers
  • licensed marriage and family therapists
  • licensed clinical marriage and family therapists
  • licensed professional counselors
  • licensed clinical professional counselors
  • registered alcohol and drug abuse counselors
  • teachers
  • school administrators
  • other employees of an educational institution which the child is attending
  • persons licensed by the secretary of health and environment to provide child care services
  • the employees of persons so licensed at the place where the child care services are being provided to the child
  • firefighters
  • emergency medical services personnel
  • law enforcement officers
  • juvenile intake and assessment workers
  • court services officers and community corrections officers
  • case managers appointed under K.S.A. 23-1001 et seq., and amendments thereto
  • mediators appointed under K.S.A. 23-602, and amendments thereto