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Prevention and Protection Services Community Based Family Service Reports

Children Remain at Home During Community Based Family Services (During Open Case) SFY21
Families will not have a child placed outside the home between the community based family service referral date and conclusion date.
Performance FY to date: 98.2%
Historical Reports:  SFY20 SFY19  SFY18  SFY17 SFY16  SFY15  SFY14  
Children Remain at Home After Community Based Family Services (365 days Post Conclusion) SFY21
Families will not have a child placed outside the home for 365 days post conclusion of the community based family service referral.
Performance FY to date: 96.6%
Historical Reports:  SFY20 SFY19  SFY18  SFY17 SFY16  SFY15  
Families Referred to Community Based Family Services will not be Referred to Family Preservation Services (180 days) SFY21
Families referred for community based family services will not be referred for family preservation services within 180 days from the referral date for community based family services. 
Performance FY to date: 90.2%
Historical Reports:  SFY19  SFY18  SFY17 SFY16 SFY15  SFY14
*This report is processed 180days behind SFY20 data will be posted in Feb 2020. SFY19 will continue to be updated monthly until completion in Jan 2020.

Children are Safe from Abuse & Neglect by Parent or Caregiver (365 days) SFY21
Families will not have a child experience abuse and/or neglect by a parent or in-home caregiver for 365 days from the date of referral to community based family services. Performance FY to date: 94.7%
Historical Reports:  SFY20 SFY19  SFY18  SFY17 SFY16 SFY15


Timely Engagement Community Based Family Services SFY21 

Families will be engaged timely as evidenced by a signed family case plan. 
Performance FY to data: 49.2%

Historical Reports:  SFY20 SFY19