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Prevention and Protection Services Administration Building Contacts

Listing of key staff
Position Name Phone number E-mail
Deputy Secretary of Family Services ​Tanya Keys ​785-296-3274
Director of Permanency and Licensing​ Scott Henricks 785-296-3825
Director of Prevention Pam Hahn 785-296-4292
​Director of KPM, Performance Improvement and
Safety & Thriving Families​
Deanne Dinkel​ ​785-250-5518​​​​
​Director of Medicaid and Children’s Mental Health​ ​Brenda Soto ​​N/A
​Director of Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System ​​Jane Meschberger ​785-368-8156
​Deputy Director of Foster Care Licensing ​ ​​Leslie ​Rannebeck ​785-296-5135
​Deputy Director of Permanency ​Melinda Kline ​785-368-8157
​Deputy Director of Youth Services ​​Stacy Tidwell ​​785-296-6846 ​​
​Deputy Director of Performance Improvement ​Ashley Johnson ​785-380-6445 ​​​
​​Deputy Director of Adult Protective Services ​Deb Schwarz ​785-296-5019
​Deputy Director of Safety and Thriving Families ​Erica Hunter ​785-215-2743
​​Deputy Director of Medicaid and Children's Mental Health ​Jennifer Nichelson​ ​​785-207-3333
​​Assistant General Counsel for PPS ​Kathy Armstrong ​785-220-1790​
​Professional Development Manager ​​Sherrie Gross ​​785-296-5636
Safety and Thriving Families Administrator​ ​Kielie Frey ​785-338-0282​
​Family Service/State Planning Administrator ​​Jennifer Preston ​N/A​
​Family Preservation Program Administrator ​Jennifer Bretsnyder​ ​785-506-7178
​Family First Grants Administrator​ ​​Allison Bowling ​785-368-8143
​Adult Protective Services Administrator ​​Jessica Snyder ​785-368-8105
​East Region APS Assistant Administrator​ ​Alonda Forde Harris ​913-942-3101
​KC Region APS Assistant Administrator​ ​Michelle Ross ​913-942-3618
​West Region APS Assistant Administrator​​ ​Mary Ellen Beck ​785-302-6231
​West Region APS Assistant Administrator​​ ​​Laci Guerrero ​316-337-6252​
​Protection Report Center Assistant Administrator ​Jill Collins ​316-337-6610​​
​Protection Report Center Assistant Administrator​ ​ ​​Frances Dewell ​785-296-8769
​PPS Special Projects and Recruitment Administrator ​Tina Abney ​785-250-8861
​CAPTA Manager ​Ann Goodall​ ​785-250-8113 ​​
​Adoption Program Manager ​Corey Lada ​785-230-6446
​Foster Care Program Manager ​Michelle Warner ​785-296-2160
​Independent Living Program Manager ​Amy Ervin ​785-368-8192​​
​​Independent Living Assistant Program Manager ​Brianna Preto ​​785-368-8134
​Interstate Compact (ICPC) Program Manager ​Jessica Guthery ​​785-213-8214
​Anti-Human Trafficking Program Manager ​Kent Bauman ​​785-276-9736
​Group Home Program Manager ​Amy Clark ​​785-515-6625
​​Family First Program Manager ​​Ariele Erwine ​​785-368-8191
​​IV-E Manager ​​​Chris Tomlinson ​​785-296-5167
​Performance Improvement Manager Vacant ​N/A
​Crossover Youth Policy & Practice Coordinator ​​Ashley Brown ​N/A ​​
​Data Specialist ​Christin Villareal ​N/A
​Performance Improvement/Data Specialist ​Allyson White ​​785-207-4804
​Post Adoption Search​ ​Derith Trickey ​785-296-6619
​​Tribal Specialist ​Sandra Shopteese  ​785-296-0573
​Medicaid Liaison​ ​​Beth McCloud ​​785-296-6892
​​Residential and Permanency Outcome Specialist ​​Racheal Sain ​​​785-368-8151