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DCF Records Personal Records Request

The Kansas Department for Children and Families retains certain agency records which are not available to the general public, nor are they obtainable under the Kansas Open Records Act. As allowed by law, they are only available to the individual himself and to relevant other parties under certain conditions.

What Records May be Available

Records commonly requested include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Adoption Records (Call 1-785-368-8171)
  • Foster Care History
  • Welfare Benefits History
  • Child Support History (Call 1-888-757-2445 for payment history)

Who May Request Records

Once a person turns 18, they may request records about themselves from DCF. A parent or guardian may request the records of a minor. Additionally, employees of other state child welfare agencies may be allowed to access some private records.

How to Request Records

You can request access to Non-KORA records by submitting the online form below. Please be as specific as possible in describing the information that you are requesting.  The Release of Information Authorization and other documents may be attached to the form.  States requesting records on a person should submit their request on official letterhead.


You may also file a request by mail or in person to the Non-KORA Request for Agency Records Officer.  Use this printable form for your convenience.

By Mail or in Person:
Official Records Officer
Kansas Department for Children and Families
Office of the Secretary
555 S. Kansas Avenue, 2nd Floor
Topeka, KS 66603


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