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Grant Manual

The grant manual (revised 12/2022) provides a summary of DCF grant procedures to ensure that grant funds are being administered judiciously. The provisions in this manual apply to all DCF grant awards, unless otherwise noted in the Grantee Agency’s Notification Of Grant Award.
Grant Forms
The specific work required by a grant must be completed in accordance with the Scope of Work specified in the Grantee Agency’s Notification Of Grant Award, or as requested by DCF. The Grantee Agency must submit the required reports listed below to DCF according to the timeline established in their Notification Of Grant Award.

In certain situations, the Grantee Agency may submit one of the optional request forms to DCF based on the needs of their specific agency and grant.
Required Reports
Status Report
          Status Report (updated 7/2019)
          Status Report CIL (Centers for Independent Living ONLY) (updated 7/2019)
          Status Report KEHS (Kansas Early Head Start ONLY) (updated 7/2019)
Budget Transaction Report
          Quarterly (updated 7/2016)
          Quarterly-State Fiscal Year (Resident Tribes of Kansas ONLY) (updated 8/2019)
Budget Itemization Report
          Budget Itemization Report (OGC-4005.4) (updated 12/2018)
          Budget Itemization Report (Resident Tribes of Kansas ONLY) (updated 8/2019)
Other Required Reports
          Tax Clearance Certificate 
          Debarment Memo Template​​ (updated 5/2022)
Optional Request Forms
Revision Request
          Revision Request (updated 8/2019)
          Resident Tribe Revision (Resident Tribes of Kansas ONLY) (updated 8/2019)
Sub-Grantee Acknowledgement (updated 4/2019)
TANF Grant Training Resources
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