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Agency Information Q through R Acronyms and Abbreviations

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Q -

QA Quality Assurance

QAT Quality Action Team

QC Quality Control

QCS Quality Custodial Systems

QE Quality Enhancement

QEC Quality Enhancement Coordinator

QM Quality Management

QMB Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries or Quality Management Board

QMCSO Qualified Medical Child Support Order

QRIS Quality Rating Improvement System

QW Quarterly Wage

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R -

R/C Report of Contact

RA Remittance Advice

RADACs Regional Alcohol and Drug Assessment Centers

RC Regional Commissioner

RCEP Regional Continuing Education Program (Rehab Services)

RCS Regional Contact Specialists

RD Regional Director

RDL Recipient Denial Letter

RE Refugee Assistance or Rent

REC Recovery

REF Refund

REGS Regulations

REOMB Recipient’s Explanation of Medical Benefits

REST Random Employee Sampling Technique

RetroDUR Retrospective Drug Utilization Review

RF Residential Facility

RFC Residual Functional Capacity

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RFI Request for Information

RFP Request for Proposal (Purchase)

RFSSA Refuge Funded Social Service Agency

RHC Residential Health Care or Rural Health Clinic

RIC Regional Interagency Councils (3113's)

RIP RFP Contractor Information Payment Systems

RN Registered Nurse

RO Regional Office

RPC Regional Prevention Center

RR Railroad Retirement

RRB Railroad Retirement Board

RS Rehabilitation Services

RSA Rehabilitation Services Administration (Federal Office)

RSDI Retired Survivors Disability Insurance

RSR Resident Status Review

RT Rehabilitation Teaching or Rehabilitation Training

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