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PRE-ETS The bridge to your employment future. Pre-Employment Transition Services
Pre-Employment Transition

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Adopt A Kansas Kid

Mathematics and football are an odd combination, but not for Javon, as those are two of his favorite things. He is proud of his athletic ability. Oftentimes, he is a serious-minded child, but he also likes to tell the occasional joke and share s good laugh. Javon is a hard worker, especially when it comes to school, as he makes good grades. A family that can offer structure, support and guidance is ideal. A strong, yet nurturing family is what he needs and deserves.

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By the Numbers

Female and child in snowy scene. 157Kansas kids were reunited with their families in October. 52 Kansas children were adopted by families in October. 99 Kansans with disabilities found competitive, integrated employment in October, with an average hourly wage of $10.31. 507 New child support orders were established in October
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