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Agency Information M - Acronyms and Abbreviations

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M -

MA Medical Assistance

MAC Maximum Allowable Cost

MA-CM Medical Assistance Categorical Medical

MA-PDP Medicare Advantage-Prescription Drug Plan

MAPP Model Approaches to Partners and Parenting

MARS Management & Administrative Reporting Subsystem

MATTC Mid-America Addiction Technology Transfer Center

MBO Management by Objectives

MCAC Medical Care Advisory Committee

MCD Medicaid

MCO Managed Care Organization

MCR Medicaid Change Request or Medicare

MDS Minimum Data Set

MEN Medical Neglect

MEPA Multi-Ethnic Placement Act

MEPA/IEPA Multi-Ethnic Placement Act/ Inter Ethnic Placement Act

MFU Mandatory Filing Unit

MH Mental Health

MHF Medical History File

MIDCA Mid Kansas Community Action, Inc.

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MIECHV Maternal Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program

MIS Management Information System

MJ Medical Judgment

MMIS Medical Management Information System

MN Medical Necessity

MOA Memorandum of Agreement

MOC Media of Choice

MOE Maintenance of Effort

MOST More Opportunities for Self Sufficiency Training

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

MP Medicaid Poverty Level Eligible’s for Pregnant Women and Children

MP/M Medical Policy/Medicaid

MPC Major Purchase Contract

MR Mental Retardation or Mentally Retarded

MRDD Mental Retardation Developmental Disability

MRFC Mental Residual Functional Capacity

MRO Medical Relations Officer

MS Medical Services or Medical Support

MSFIDM Multi-State Financial Institution Data Match

MSO Medical Source Opinion or Medical Support Obligation

MSW Master of Social Work

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