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Agency Information L - Acronyms and Abbreviations

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L -

LA Living Arrangement or Local Area

LAN Local Area Network

LBSW Licensed Bachelor of Social Work

LC Learning Center

LD Learning Disability

LE Law Enforcement

LEA Local Education Agencies

LEAP Leadership, Education, and Advocacy Program

LEO Law Enforcement Officer

LEP Limited English Proficiency

LHD Local Health Department

LIEAP Low Income Energy Assistance Program

LIFE Living Independence for Everyone

LJCF Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility

LL Landlord

LLE Local Law Enforcement

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LMB Low Income Medicare Beneficiary

LMSW Licensed Master Social Worker

LOC Level of Credit or Locate

LOF Level of Functioning

LOS Lack of Supervision

LPA Legislative Post Audit

LPN Licensed Practical Nurse

LRP Legally Responsible Party or Legally Responsible Person

LSCSW Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker

LSOB Landon State Office Building

LSS Lutheran Social Service of Kansas and Oklahoma, Inc.

LT Leadership Team

LTC Long Term Care

LUA Limited Utility Allowance

LUCK Low Income Utility Coalition of Kansas

LWIB Local Workforce Investment Board

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