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Agency Information I - Acronyms and Abbreviations

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I -

I&A Intake and Assessment

I&R Intake & Referral

IAG Initial Assessment Guide

IAR Interim Assistance Reimbursement

ICAMA Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance

ICC Inter-agency Coordination Council

ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement

ICJ Interstate Compact on Juveniles

ICN Internal Control Number

ICPC Interstate Compact on Placement of Children

ICSE Interstate Child Support Enforcement

ICT Inter-County Transfer

ICWA Indian Child Welfare Act

IDA Individual Development Account

IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IECC Income Eligible Child Care

IEEP Individualized Extended Evaluation Program

IEP Individual Education Plan

IEVS Income and Eligibility Verification System

IFB Invitation for Bid

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IFSP Individual Family Service Plan

IHE Institution of Higher Education

IJ Interest Judgment

IL Independent Living

ILA Independent Living Area

ILC Independent Living Counselor or Independent Living Center

INS Immigration and Naturalization Service

INTERHAB Resource Network for Kansans with Disabilities

IPE Individual Plan for Employment

IPP Individual Program Plan

IPR Independent Professional Review

IPT Implementation Planning Team (EES)

IQAMU Internal Quality Assurance Monitoring Unit

IR Interim Report

IRAP Indo-Chinese Refugee Assistance Program

IRC Internal Revenue Code

IRCA Immigration Reform & Control Act pf 1986

IRG Intergovernmental Referral Guide

IRI Information Referral and Intake

IRP Individual Responsibility Plan

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IRS Information Resource Specialist or Internal Revenue Service

IRWE Impairment-Related Work Expense

ISD Integrated Service Delivery

ISP Integrated Service Plan

ISS Individual Service Strategy

IST Integrated Service Team

ITERS Infant/Toddler Environmental Rating Scale

ITS Information Technology Services

ITTS ITS Time/Task Tracking System

IVR Interactive Voice Response

IWAP Individual Work Adjustment Plan

IWO Income Withholding Order

IWRP Individual Written Rehabilitation Plan

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