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Agency Information D - Acronyms and Abbreviations

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D -

DAB Departmental Appeals Board

DCCCA DCCCA, Inc. a child welfare community based service provider

DCF Department for Children and Families

DD Developmental Disabilities, or Developmentally Disabled

DDP Developmental Disabilities Profile

DDRS Disability Determination & Referral Services

DDS Disability Determination Services

DDSA Developmental Disabilities Service Administration

DEERS Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System

DHPF Division of Health Policy and Finance

DHS Department of Human Services

DISC Division of Information Systems and Communications in the Department of Administration

DME Durable Medical Equipment

DMIE Demonstration to Maintain Independence

DMV  Department of Motor Vehicles

DN Director of Nursing

DOA Date of Arrival, Department on Aging, or Department of Administration

DOB Date of Birth

DOC Department of Corrections

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DOD Date of Death, or Department of Defense

DOE Date of Entry

DOL Department of Labor

DOM Day of Month

DOR Department of Revenue

DOS  Date of Service

DOW Day of Week

DPS Division of Personnel Services

DR Drug Rebate

DRA Domestic Relations Affidavit

DRC Disability Rights Center

DRG Diagnostic Related Groups

DRT Disability Review Team

DSA Designated Secondary Approval

DSH Disproportionate Share Program

DSO Debt Set-Off

DSOB Docking State Office Building

DSS Decision Support System

DV/SA Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault

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