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Agency Information C - Acronyms and Abbreviations

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C -

C:D Connect:Direct

CA Change of Address

CACFP Child and Adult Care Food Program

CAK Children’s Alliance of Kansas

CAN Child Abuse and Neglect or Community Access Network

CANIS Child Abuse Neglect Information System

CAP Client Assistance Program, Community Action Program

CAPP Customer and Provider Portal

CAPTA Child Abuse Prevention Treatment Act

CARE Client Assessment, Referral and Evaluation

CASA Court Appointed Special Advocate

CASAS Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System

CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering

CASSP Child and Adolescent Service System Program

CATS Computer Aided Software Engineering

CAU Consumer Assistance Unit

CB Children's Bureau

CBFR Community Based Family Resource Program

CBFRS Community Based Family Resource and Support Grants

CBJT Community Based Job Tryout

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CBWA Community Based Work Assessment

CC Child Care or Collateral Contact

CCB Change Control Board

CCC Child Care Center

CCDBG Child Care Development Block Grant

CCDF Child Care and Development Fund

CCK Community Care of Kansas

CCMA Community Case Management Agency

CCP Concurrent Case Planning

CCPC Child Care Provider Coalition

CDA Child Development Associate

CDC Career Development Center, or Clerk of the District Court

CDDC Community Developmental Disability Center

CDDO Community Developmental Disability Organization

CDI Community Development Institute

CDPD Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (Rehab Services)

CDRB Child Death Review Board

CDU Chemical Dependency Unit

CE Continuing Education

CEC Council for Exceptional Children

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CEJ Continuing Exclusive Jurisdiction (to modify a support order)

CEO Chief Executive Officer

CEU Continuing Educational Units

CFCIP Chafee Foster Care Independence Program

CFF Children’s Flexible Funds

CFNI Customer/Family Needs Identification

CFO Chief Financial Officer

CFR Code of Federal Regulations

CFS Children and Family Services

CFSR Children and Family Services Review

CHAMPUS Civilian Health & Medical Programs for the Uniformed Services (see also: TRICARE)

CHAMPVA Civilian Health & Medical Programs for the Veteran's Administration

CHIP Children’s Health Insurance Program

CI Children in a State Institution

CIA Chief Internal Auditor

CICP Charitable Institution Commodity Program

CIL Centers for Independent Living

CINC Children in Need of Care

CINC/CAN Child in Need of Care, Abuse or Neglect

CINC/NAN Child in Need of Care, Non-Abuse or Neglect

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CIP Community Integration Project

CIS Citizen and Immigration Services

CISD Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

CITO Chief Information Technology Officer

CITU Customer Information and Transition Unit

CK ConnectKansas

CM Case Manager

CMASS Case Management and Support System

CMIA Cash Management Improvement Act

CNA Certified Nurses Aide

CO Collection Officer

COA Council on Accreditation

COB Close of Business

COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985

COC Cost of Care

COLA Cost of Living Adjustment

COMSP Community Spouse

COPD Central Office Program Director

COS Category of Service

COTA Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

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CP Cerebral Palsy, or Custodial Parent

CPAS Claims Processing Assessment System

CPM Certified Public Manager

CPS Child Protective Services

CR/EEO Civil Rights/Equal Employment Opportunity

CRB Citizen Review Board

CRC Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

CRCH  Cost of Raising a Child Judgment

CRI Children’s Rights, Inc.

CRNA Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist

CRU Cash Receivables Unit, or Central Receivables Unit

CS Child Support or Client/Customer Statement

CS Community Services, or Child Support

CSA Client Service Agreement

CSCC  Child Support Call Center

CSE Child Support Enforcement

CSEA Child Support Enforcement Amendments

CSENet Child Support Enforcement Network

CSFP Community Supplemental Food Program

CSO Child Support Order

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CSOB Curtis State Office Building

CSPD Comphrehensive System of Personnel Development

CSR Change System Requests

CSS Community Satisfaction Surveys or Child Support Services

CSWE Council on Social Work Education

CT Court Trustee

CTB Community Tool Box

CTC Communities That Care

CTS Child Tracking System

CW/CBS Child Welfare/Community Based Services

CWEP Community Work Experience Program

CWLA Child Welfare League of America

CY Calendar Year

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