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Prevention and Protection Services Mandated Reporter Online Report

A reporter providing as much information as available on the online report form will assist DCF in determining the next steps necessary to provide for the safety of an adult or child.

PLEASE NOTE: DCF recommends using the Windows Internet Explorer web browser to complete the Mandated Reporter Online Report form. If you use a browser type other than Windows Internet Explorer, you may experience errors that will not allow you to successfully submit the online report form to Kansas Protection Report Center.

Tips for Making Online Report of Abuse or Neglect
Read through the Online Report Quick Guide before making a report.

Demographic Information (Names, Address(es), Phone numbers)
         For you, the reporter; alleged victim(s), alleged perpetrator(s), caregiver(s), and any
         collateral witness(es) to the incident.

Reporting an Incident
Try to answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge. All answers should be documented on the online form.


  • Who is the victim of abuse?
  • Who was the person that caused harm or injury to the child(ren) or adult?
  • Who else has knowledge of what occurred?
  • Who all lives in the home with the child(ren) or adult?


  • What did the victim say happened (provide details and exact statements)?
  • What were the circumstances surrounding the incident?
  • What have you observed regarding the concerns?
  • What does the injury look like, if injury is present?
  • What did the caregiver say happened?


  • When did the incident happen (date)?
  • When was law enforcement contacted, if an emergency existed?


  • Where does the child have an injury?

Are you submitting a Truancy Report?
Schools reporting truancy will need to complete form PPS 1006 and attach the completed form to the online report.

Click here to submit an online report of child or adult abuse/neglect. ​​