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Prevention and Protection Services Administration Building Contacts

Program Contact Person Email Phone (785)
Abuse & Neglect Policies Lynnea Kaufman 368-8203
Adoption Archiving Susan Gile 296-5254
Adoption Assistance Brenda Woods


​Adoption Program Brenda Woods
​Adoption Records & Search Requests ​Tina Anthony ​368-8171
​Adult Protective Services ​Deb Schwarz ​296-5019
Adult Protective Services Central Registry (Requests & Forms) ​Colene Adams 368-8161
​Budget Tammy Tompkins 296-5927
​CAPTA (Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Act) Deneen Dryden 368-8156
​Case Reviews ​Allison Bowling ​368-8143
​Child Protective Services Central Registry (Prepay Contracts) ​Sherrie Gross ​296-5636
​Child Protective Services Central Registry (Requests, Forms, Fee Info) ​Annette Caraway ​296-6783
​Critical Incident Program Administrator ​Erica Hunter ​291-3665
​PPS Director Patricia Long 368-8156
​PPS Deputy Director ​Deneen Dryden ​368-8156
​PPS Deputy Director Tina Abney ​296-5120
PPS Deputy Director​ ​Tony Scott 368-8191​
​PPS Deputy Director​ ​Leslie Hale ​368-8105
​Child Death Review Board Susan Gile 296-5254
​Child Protective Services/ Assessment and Prevention ​Susan Gile 296-5254
Children's Justice Act (CJA)​ Susan Gile ​296-5254
​Encounter Data ​Kit Pittier ​291-3166
​Expungements from Child Services Abuse/Neglect Central Registry

​Bobbi Kearney ​296-5162
Expungements from Adult Services Abuse/Neglect Central Registry​ Leslie Hale​


​Family Preservation Program ​Candace Moten ​296-2160
​Family Services Program ​Lynnea Kaufmann ​296-5254
​Foster Care Program ​Brenda Woods 296-6619
​Foster Care/Adoption/Independent Living Program Administrator ​Brenda Woods ​296-6619
​Group Home Contact ​Ashley Brown ​296-4377
​Handbook of Services ​Ashley Brown ​296-4377
​Human Trafficking ​Kathy Armstrong ​​ ​296-4677​

​ICAMA (Interstate Compact
on Adoption & Medical Assistance)

​Dennis Alford ​296-0918
​ICPC (Interstate Compact Placement for Children) Compact Administrator ​Susan Gile ​296-5254
​ICPC Deputy Compact Administrator ​Dennis Alford ​296-0918
​ICPC A-L Inquiries Refer to: ​Janet Kuntzsch ​296-8133
​ICPC M-Z Inquiries Refer to: ​Rhonda Arnold ​296-4648
​ICPC Public Adoptions ​Dennis Alford

​ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) ​Kathy Armstrong 296-4677​
​Information Systems ​Jill Loebel ​368-8172
​Juvenile Services Liaison (program of Kansas Department of Corrections) Deneen Dryden


KDHE DHCF (Medicaid) Liaison
KMAP 1-800-766-9012

 Jolynn Foltz-McFall ​296-6892
​Kansas Protection Report Center Erica Hunter  296-6030
​Legal, Judicial, & Legislative Issues (PPS) ​Kathy Armstrong ​296-4677
​Life Skills/Independent Living Services ​Michelle Reichart 368-8192
​Native American Tribes Contact Ashley Brown ​296-4377
Open Records Contact​ ​Kathy Armstrong ​296-4677
​Permanent Custodianship Program Contact ​Dennis Alford ​296-0918
​Permanent Custodianship Subsidy Contact ​Dennis Alford ​296-0918
​Quality Assurance ​Allison Bowling 368-8143
​Reports & Data Tony Scott ​368-8191
​SSI/SSA (Supplemental Security Income/Social Security) ​Kit Pittier ​291-3166
​Title IV-E/Eligibility Stephanie Ridgway ​368-8151
Training​ Sherrie Gross 296-5636
​WARDS Rep Payee ​Kit Pittier ​291-3166