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Prevention and Protection Services Adult Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Central Registry

​The Department for Children and Families maintains a statewide registry identifying, after due process, persons substantiated for the abuse, neglect, exploitation or fiduciary abuse of vulnerable adults.

Statute 65-6205 allows community service providers, mental health centers and independent living centers to perform employment background checks to determine whether a potential employee is listed on the registry. The agency wishing to have a background check completed shall submit a request for information identifying the potential employee using this Release of Information form (PPS 10400).
Link to form: PPS10400.pdf
Agencies not included in statute 65-6205 must have the potential employee sign the Release of Information form, allowing their name to be checked against the registry.
Individuals may also submit a signed release of information to see if their name has been placed on the registry. 
For requests via email the average response time for requests to be processed is 3 -5 days.  Please allow an additional 5 - 7 days if mailing through US Postal Service.

For additional information or questions, please contact Adult Protective Services at 785-368-8161.