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Rehabilitation Services VR Outcomes

As a result of VR services, the following outcomes were achieved:

A total of 1,452 Kansans with disabilities completed their individualized plans for employment in FFY 2010 and achieved their employment goals. 94% of these individuals had significant disabilities.

VR also served high school students with significant disabilities, helping to assure that the investment in special education is further realized through additional career-focused postsecondary education, employment and independent living. Of the 1,452 Kansans achieving employment, 327 were individuals who first applied for VR services when they were transition-aged (21 years old or younger).

The average hourly wage for individuals who achieved competitive employment was $9.98. The average number of hours worked per week was 30. Individuals who were employed found work in a variety of occupations, including the following:
Professional/Technical/Managerial – 17.9%
Office and Administrative Support – 13.6%
Food Service – 12.7%
Health Care – 10.7%
Cleaning/Maintenance – 9.5%
Sales – 8.5%
Personal Care and Services – 8.1%
Production – 7.2%
Transportation/Moving – 7%
Miscellaneous - 4.9%
Examples of consumers with high-wage employment outcomes
KC Metro Region – Painter $45/hour
Southeast Region - $30/hour
Wichita Region/ Sedgwick County – Veterinarian $35/hour
West Region – Tax Preparer/Own Business $50/hour
Northeast Region – Truck Driver $37/hour
All of these outcomes represent full-time employment of at least 40 hours per week.