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Rehabilitation Services Overview of VR Services

The VR program emphasizes community-based services, integration and consumer choice.

  • VR Counselors work in partnership with people with disabilities to help them assess their skills and interests, to develop individualized plans for employment, and to provide or to purchase the services they need to become employed. Services are customized according to each person's strengths, interests, skills, goals and informed choice.
  • Services may include: counseling and guidance; physical and mental restoration; training; rehabilitation technology; and job placement.
  • Supported employment helps people with significant disabilities achieve employment through job coaching and ongoing support.
  • Related services, such as vocational assessment, supported education, independent living skill training, and training on the use of assistive technology, may be provided through a network of Career Development Centers and private providers.
  • VR services also help special education students with significant disabilities prepare for postsecondary education and employment.

To be eligible for VR services, an individual must have a physical or mental impairment; the impairment must result in a substantial impediment to employment; and the individual must require VR services to prepare for, secure, retain or regain employment. If KRS does not have sufficient funds to serve all eligible persons who apply, the agency must establish a waiting list which gives the priority for services to persons with the most significant disabilities.