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Economic & Employment Services CSFP Manual Chapter 3

Chapter 3:  Caseload Management
I.  Caseload Assignment

Caseload is assigned as a percentage of the total caseload assigned to the State. DCF takes into consideration the LA’s previous caseload usage history.
LA’s monitor their caseload each month to ensure maximum participation. DCF collects participation figures from LA’s each month. When maximum caseload is reached, the priority system, as defined by regulation, is implemented. [See Waiting Lists, Ch. 2]  Each LA is expected to maintain its assigned caseload number. The assigned caseload number is defined as the number of certified participants receiving food packages each month. If a LA falls below the assigned caseload number, DCF may redistribute caseload and corresponding administrative funds to another LA.

II.  CSFP Outreach

Outreach activities are primarily the responsibility of the LA’s. The CSFP Fact Sheet may be useful for outreach. [See Exhibit F]  All outreach materials must include a required non-discrimination USDA statement.  [See Civil Rights, Ch. 11]

The focus of each LA’s outreach activities should include the following:
  • Posters, letters to physicians, public service announcements, congregate meal program sites, and notices to social service agencies will be used to recruit potentially eligible persons for CSFP.
  • The LA shall provide information on the availability of CSFP for the elderly homebound to the Area Agencies on Aging in each of the project areas for distribution to Nutrition Program for the Elderly participants, or as a part of Nutrition Program for the Elderly outreach efforts.
  • CSFP information will also be made available to the Meals on Wheels food delivery programs in the project areas for distribution to the elderly homebound. Additional outreach will be performed as a part of overall efforts to provide CSFP information to the general public.
At the State level, outreach efforts include dissemination of information about CSFP to programs that serve the same populations such as the SNAP Program. DCF staff are available to meet with local groups to facilitate program promotion, as requested. Through the Public Information Office at DCF, public awareness activities can be planned and implemented for each target CSFP county.