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Rehabilitation Services Return on Taxpayer's Investment

$18.3 Million
During their first full year of work, the 1,452 Kansans with disabilities who achieved employment through VR services will generate $18.3 million in wages, a substantial contribution to the Kansas economy.

A Multiplier Impact on the Economy
A study conducted by the Center for Economic Development and Business Research at Wichita State University shows:
The employment of VR customers has a positive or multiplier impact on the economy.
For each dollar earned as a result of a VR placement, there is about $1.66 in total earnings through the economy.
People employed as a result of VR services spend their income in local communities on
Housing, groceries, gasoline, services, and taxes ... on life!
As a result, for each person employed, there are about 1.85 total jobs created in the overall economy.
Favorable Match Rate
The match rate for Title I (VR) funds is favorable for the State, at a rate of 21 .3% State to 78.7% Federal. The amount of the Federal VR grant is specifically allocated to Kansas as a fixed or capped amount.