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Many Kansas children are under the care and control of non-parental relative caregivers. The Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) and other agencies provide some valuable resources to aid in supporting the children in their care.

Prevention and Protection Services (PPS)

PPS offers resources for Relatives as Caregivers and identifies additional resources.
Economic and Employment Services (EES) Program Services


Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
You do not have to be a guardian of the child to receive Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and your income and assets are not counted in the child's eligibility.

Maximum Cash Assistance Payments


Food Assistance
Food Assistance helps low-income households purchase food.  The benefits are provided on the Kansas Benefit Card that is accepted at most grocery stores.

Child Care
Child Care may be available for relative caregivers who are working or caring for a teen parent who needs child care while they complete high school.


Additional EES Assistance programs may be available to grandparents and relative caregivers. 


Child Support
In order to collect child support for a grandchild, there generally must be some type of order entered as to custody. If so, a grandparent may contact Child Support Services.

Other Non-DCF options for assistance


Social Security
A grandchild may be eligible for benefits on the work record of a parent. If the child is not eligible for benefits based on the work record of the parent, and if one of the parents is deceased or disabled, the grandchild may be considered a "child" of a retired grandparent for the purposes of benefits. The grandparent would then receive dependent benefits for the grandchild in addition to the grandparent's regular benefits.

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
A low-income guardian of a child under five years of age may be eligible for WIC assistance. WIC provides special checks to buy healthy foods - like milk, juice, eggs, cheese, cereal, dry beans or peas and peanut butter.


School Lunch
National School Lunch Program is for free and reduced price school meals.

Medical Insurance
There are several sources for medical insurance for a grandchild. First, a grandparent's employer-provided health insurance plan may provide benefits to dependents. Second, if a grandparent is receiving the TANF "child only" grant, the child may qualify for Medicaid. Third, if the grandparents are low-income, the KanCare program offers health care coverage to children.


Grandparent Rights
Kansas Legal Services provides information about Grandparents Rights in language that is easy to


Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS)
KDADS offers options for Respite for Caregivers.

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