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Child Support Services Child Support Savings Initiative (CSSI) Program

The Child Support Savings Initiative (CSSI) Program is a partnership between Kansas Child Support Services and the Kansas State Treasurer to establish Learning Quest 529 Education Savings Accounts. The CSSI program is for children of noncustodial parents owing child support arrears or judgments to the State of Kansas or custodial parent. The CSSI program is available to any eligible noncustodial parent with no enrollment limits.


If back child support is owed to the state, for every dollar invested in the child's CSSI program account, two dollars of child support arrears owed to the state will be written off. The noncustodial parent must contribute at least $25 to open an account (per beneficiary). If back child support is owed to the custodial party, a dollar for dollar match/deposit is available. Interested noncustodial parents can call 888-632-7758 to determine if they are eligible.
To receive credit toward arrears, the noncustodial parent must make the current child support payment in full during the same month plus pay at least one dollar toward the arrears through the Kansas Payment Center. If there is no current support obligation, then the only payment required would be one dollar toward the arrears. 
Please see the Program Description below for additional information.

The Kansas Child Support Savings Initiative is a program designed to help pay down debt while paving the way for your child's higher education.

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Additional information and program requirements can be found at the following links: