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Newsroom Child Support Payment Recipients to Begin Using New Cards

Parents who receive child support payments on debit cards provided by the Kansas Payment Center will find all payments made beginning today, on newly-issued cards from KeyBank.

The Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) will begin today, sending child support disbursements through its new card vendor, KeyBank, phasing out cards issued by JP Morgan.

No additional funds will be deposited by DCF on the JPMorgan Now VISA cards. But those cards will retain any remaining balance after that date. So child support clients should continue using the JPMorgan Now VISA card until their balance reaches zero. There is no cut-off date for using the cards from JP Morgan.

Approximately 55,000 new debit cards from KeyBank were sent to customers on July 18. The new Key2Benefit MasterCard cards must be activated prior to use. 

“This change follows several other steps we have taken to keep the child support system up to date and efficient,” DCF Secretary Phyllis Gilmore said.

Recent changes by DCF’s Child Support Services division include sending text message reminders to parents who fall behind on child support payments, an option to temporarily deactivate lost or stolen benefits cards, and expanded options for paying child support using PayNearMe participating locations.

New card

Old card (funds no longer loaded, as of Aug. 8)