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Newsroom DCF Responds to Legislative Post Audit Report on Foster Care



TOPEKA - This afternoon, at the State Capitol Building, Topeka, the Legislative Post Audit (LPA) report regarding foster care in Kansas was released. The Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) had an opportunity to respond to the report, during which time, DCF Secretary Phyllis Gilmore addressed concerns raised in the report and made clear that the report in no way diminishes the agency’s safety record. According to a federal review that spans years, is conducted by child welfare experts, and compares Kansas’ performance in key indicators to other states, Kansas ranks second in the nation in the area of protecting children from abuse and neglect. 

DCF Secretary Phyllis Gilmore offers the following statement:

“We appreciate the work of the audit staff members and their efforts to understand a complex system in the short amount of time allotted. While the audit gives us some insights and confirms prior concerns, it does not capture the most important fact—Kansas has one of the safest child welfare systems in the country. Instead of focusing on safety outcomes, the audit questions focus on a handful of policies and procedures selected from thousands that exist in the system. A federal review that is, by design, far more comprehensive, representative and utilizes national standards demonstrates that Kansas ranks second in the nation when it comes to protecting children from abuse and neglect. This is something for which we can be proud.”