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Newsroom SRS Needs Volunteer Grant Reviewers

The Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS) is looking for volunteers from the community who are willing to serve as peer reviewers of grant applications. These volunteers will help SRS evaluate grant proposals to determine which ones best serve the needs of Kansans and maximize State funds. Participating in the SRS grant review process is a way for individuals to share their professional expertise to improve government services, as well as an opportunity for professional development in grants and social services. 

SRS needs peer reviewers from diverse backgrounds, regions, and experience in areas such as: family strengthening, foster care, health care, mental health, alcohol and substance abuse, disabilities, social services, non-profits, business processes, management, information technology, or research and statistics. 

Individuals who are willing to serve on peer review panels should send their contact information, areas of interest or expertise, and a resume or curriculum vitae to