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Newsroom SRS announces food assistance outreach pilot grant

Topeka – The Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS) announces new grant funding to conduct food assistance (food stamp) outreach across the state. 

The Food Assistance Outreach Pilot Grant aims to connect eligible consumers with monthly food assistance benefits. SRS will collaborate with local partners to increase participation of eligible households in the Food Assistance Program, in an effort to reduce the prevalence of hunger among Kansas households. 

Funding of $150,000 will be provided in the form of grants, with the maximum grant award not to exceed $25,000.   Grants will be awarded to provide a fair distribution of pilots across the state.

Outreach programs should focus on direct services and innovative approaches that connect and guide consumers through the food assistance application process. SRS is seeking outreach plans for both rural and urban settings, as well as activities that target and engage families, elderly, or Hispanic populations.  

The Food Assistance Program helps low-income households supplement their food purchases, providing a critical safety net for hungry families. However, many individuals who are eligible for the program do not participate. 

Current estimates indicate that only 65% of Kansans who qualify for the Food Assistance Program actually participate and receive benefits. Outreach and education are powerful tools in overcoming barriers to food stamp participation. 

“We want to ensure no Kansan has to go to bed hungry,” said SRS Secretary Don Jordan. “These outreach efforts are imperative to increase both awareness of the program and enrollment of eligible individuals and families at the local level.”

Applications are due August 1, 2008 and SRS will award the grants by October 1st. Additional information is available by contacting Susan Craig at