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Newsroom SRS to open Greensburg office, Sebelius announces

Permanent presence in the city to be established

A temporary office for the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS) is opening in Greensburg, Governor Kathleen Sebelius announced today.

The Greensburg Service Center will open for business on Monday, August 20th.
“We want to make sure the people of Greensburg who need the services provided by SRS don’t have to travel to get them.  This is yet another sign of our state’s continuing commitment to Greensburg and the surrounding area,” said Sebelius.

A temporary office trailer has been placed on the property of Iroquois Community Mental Health Center at 608 E. Grant. The SRS Greensburg Service Center, previously located at 117 North Main, was destroyed in the tornado. As the rebuilding efforts of Greensburg continue, SRS will work to establish a permanent office location. 

”One of my biggest concerns since the tornado struck has been that low income families, disabled individuals, and seniors simply do not have the resources to rebuild their lives from scratch,” said Rep. Dennis McKinney (D-Greensburg). “With the assistance of a dedicated, highly skilled staff at SRS, we are cutting through red tape to ensure that those who need government aid get it as quickly as possible.”

The office will be staffed by three SRS employees. One employee will be Deb Adolph, a Greensburg resident. Deb’s home was destroyed by the tornado, and she is currently living in a trailer in Greensburg with her two children. They plan to rebuild in the community. 

“As resident both born and raised in Greensburg, I am so grateful to the State of Kansas for seeing the need to reopen our local office,” said Deb Adolph. “It is an honor to be one of those selected to assist with the recovery efforts. If there ever was a time for the community to really feel the empowerment for adult self-sufficiency and protection to the children, more than ever that time is now.”

The Greensburg Service Center will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Residents of Greensburg and the surrounding area will be able to access all SRS services at the office including food and cash assistance. Individuals needing more information about services may call the Greensburg Service Center at 620-723-3321.