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Newsroom Transition to Mental Health Services Program Smooth for SRS

Topeka - The Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS) contracted with Kansas Health Solutions (KHS) to serve as the statewide managed care organization for mental health services.  The July 1st transition to a managed care provider for the state’s mental health services went smoothly.

The changes were based on recommendations by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“Kansas Health Solutions has done tremendous work in establishing access to mental health services,” said SRS Secretary Don Jordan.  “I am confident that Kansas Health Solutions will continue to ensure Kansans receive quality care across the state.”

To ensure a smooth transition, SRS spent months planning. SRS and Kansas Health Services conducted over 50 outreach meetings to providers and as many meetings with various stakeholders in preparation for the implementation of the new managed care system.

To date, all 27 Community Mental Health Centers in the state have contracted with Kansas Health Services. In addition, 224 independent agencies for a total of 780 independent practitioners have contracted to provide outpatient mental health services to create a system of coverage that will fully serve Kansas.

“A considerable amount of work was required to get this project operational and working smoothly.  I believe this case to be a good example of how managed care can effectively partner with state agencies,” said Jordan.

During the first month of operation Kansas Health Solutions received and processed over 10,153 claims for mental health services rendered. Kansas Health Solutions responded to over 1,355 customer service calls from members and 298 customer service calls from providers.