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Newsroom SRS awards contract for child support enforcement call center

Topeka - SRS has awarded a contract to USA 800, Inc. to build and manage a customer call center for the Division of Child Support Enforcement. The three year contract is valued at $4.7 million.

“USA 800, Inc. call center solutions provide efficient and effective call center solutions to help Government agencies manage contacts in a cost-effective fashion,” said Tom Davis, President/CEO of USA 800.  

“The Child Support Enforcement call center will improve the quality of customer service we provide to citizens by increasing customer access to certain case information,” said SRS Secretary Don Jordan. “This will allow field staff to devote more time to case work.”

The contract required USA 800, Inc. to establish the call center in a rural Kansas community, and the company chose to partner with Harvey County to locate the call center in the city of Halstead. “This contract presents a win-win situation for the state of Kansas,” said Jordan. “New jobs have been added to Harvey County and Kansans will continue to receive quality customer assistance when working with SRS.”

The company chose Halstead based on a promising labor force in the surrounding area and the opportunity to help a community which has been hurt economically by the closing of Halstead Hospital five years ago. 

“The SRS Child Support Enforcement call center is a great addition for Halstead,” Rep. Don Schroeder, R-Inman. “Being a small rural community, Halstead will now have more to offer the citizens in the area and in the entire State of Kansas.” 

State Senator Carolyn McGinn, R-Sedgwick, was also pleased with the announcement. “On one level, it brings good jobs to a small and very stable community. On another level, it increases access to a vital government service, reducing bureaucracy, and enhancing efficiency.”

USA 800, Inc. is a 100% employee-owned, inbound customer service center which employs 480 people facility-wide. The new call center will employ 35 individuals in Halstead, and the company already has employment commitments from individuals with substantial child support enforcement experience. 

The call center is slated to start taking calls in the mid-August to September timeframe.