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Newsroom SRS Child Support Enforcement Seeks to Collect Past Due Child Support

Denial of Recreational Licenses for Child Support Debtors

Topeka – The State of Kansas is undertaking a new initiative to further efforts to ensure children receive the support they are due.

Passed by the 2007 Legislature, HB 2393 allows the state to deny the purchase of recreational licenses to individuals who owe a substantial debt in past due child support.

During the week of October 15, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks is mailing letters to individuals identified as owing significant overdue child support notifying them that they will be denied purchase of hunting and fishing licenses until they contact Child Support Enforcement (CSE) to make payment arrangements.

Individuals denied a recreational license can resolve the issue by contacting CSE.  A parent can choose to pay past due child support in full, accept income withholding, or agree to a payment plan.  Once arrangements have been made, individuals’ ability to purchase a license will be reinstated.

The program has been successful thus far, as response to previous mailings has resulted in collection of substantial payments on support arrearages owed to children.