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Newsroom Child care providers paid by SRS receive a 1099 for tax purposes

Child care providers paid by SRS receive a 1099 for tax purposes. The 1099 will reflect the payments made by SRS directly to child care providers. The 1099 issued this year will only reflect the payments that the provider received directly from SRS and does not include payments from parents through the EBT Vision card. Providers need to keep their own records for payments made by parents through EBT. This is the last year that SRS will provide 1099 forms to child care providers as all parents receiving child care subsidy through the State now pay the provider using their EBT card.
There is a $600.00 threshold for issuing a form 1099. A provider receiving less than $600.00 from the state will not receive a 1099.
There is a “1099" phone number that will appear on the 1099 form. Providers may call if they have any questions. The number is 785-368-8999. Providers will get voice mail at the Department of Administration. They need to leave their name, SSN and a return telephone number on the voice mail message. Calls will be returned within 24 hours if the call is made any time Monday through Thursday. If providers do not get a 1099 at all and should have received one, they can call D of A at the above phone number and leave a message, or call Kathleen Schmidt (SRS Finance) at 785-291-3251.
Providers should wait until 2/14/06 to get the 1099. If they have not received a 1099 by this date they should call one of the phone numbers above. Providers are welcome to call before 2/14/06 if they have issues the agency should be informed of like a new address.
D of A has also indicated that staff and providers may also submit inquiries via e-mail at either or

Providers who cared for a child in the child’s home will not get a 1099. These providers were not paid by the state directly but were employed by the parent. With these arrangements, it is the parent’s responsibility to contact the IRS regarding tax issues when hiring someone to work in their home.