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Newsroom DCF Issuing Food Assistance March 1

​The Kansas Department of Children and Families (DCF) today announced that eligible Kansas families will receive their March Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Food Assistance benefits earlier than scheduled. The announcement comes in response to the early distribution of February food assistance benefits.

“DCF recognizes that the early issuance of assistance in February made it harder for recipients to make their food dollars stretch for a longer than normal period,” said Laura Howard, Secretary of DCF. “By working with our federal partners, we are able to ensure these families receive their March benefit as soon as possible.”

Eligible Kansas families can access their SNAP Food Assistance benefits March 1 instead of the traditional time frame that ranged from March 1 to 10. This change in benefit availability will not be an additional benefit issuance but will serve as eligible recipients’ March benefit.
Participants will need to properly budget and plan for appropriate use of the benefits.


Ongoing cooperation between DCF and USDA will determine future month’s benefit timetable. Recipients may contact their local DCF office for further information regarding this situation. A list of DCF offices with contact information can be located at Updated information regarding future months will be available on the DCF website at