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Newsroom DCF Secretary Issues Statement Regarding Death of Adrian Jones

TOPEKA – Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) Secretary Phyllis Gilmore would like to issue the following statement regarding allegations made against the agency following the horrific death of Adrian Jones.

“The death of Adrian Jones at the hands of his own father and stepmother is truly a tragedy, and our hearts remain deeply saddened by his passing. DCF had worked closely with the Missouri Department of Social Services in providing multiple services to the Jones family. This family moved frequently between Kansas and Missouri, which greatly disrupted continuity of services and evaluation. Nevertheless, DCF and Missouri officials remained in regular contact with each other regarding Adrian and shared information and location, when known. In fact, even during periods when the family was not residing in Kansas, DCF continued to reach out to the family regarding and inquiring about the welfare of Adrian. DCF thoroughly investigated each reported incident of alleged abuse and/or neglect regarding Adrian as well as requests for information and assistance from the family while they were residing in the state. DCF’s last contact with the family was while they were living in Kansas in February 2012, and it was reported at that time that the father and the stepmother had separated. It is very difficult to assist families who are constantly transient, especially those who move across state lines and thereby deprive the State of any jurisdiction. The agency is further discouraged when family members fail to assist the agency with protecting their relatives. The death of any child through abuse and/or neglect is always a tragic loss, but the circumstances surrounding Adrian’s last days are unconscionable as to how anyone could do this to an innocent little boy. DCF has not been able to publicly release Adrian Jones’ records, as they remain under seal pursuant to court order. It is our understanding that a motion has been filed to lift the seal. If and when that occurs, and we receive any Kansas Open Records Act Requests (KORAs), along with a copy of the order unsealing the records, DCF will release its records in accordance with the provisions of K.S.A. § 38-2212(f).”