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Newsroom Larned State Hospital Psychology Internship Program receives accreditation

Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services Secretary Phyllis Gilmore announced Tuesday that the Larned State Hospital Psychology Internship Program has received program accreditation for the next seven years.


The accreditation, which is awarded by the America Psychological Association (APA), is viewed as the gold standard in training for licensed psychologists. The process involved more than five years of work to establish a training curriculum, select psychology interns and integrate the interns into the overall structure of Larned State Hospital.


Additionally, the intern program had to submit a self-study to the APA for formal review. In April 2011, the APA conducted a two-day site visit. They further reviewed the program with an onsite visit in July 2011, after which APA requested Larned State Hospital to answer eight additional questions. Larned submitted the responses to those questions in February 2012 for a second review by APA in March 2012. After the review in March, the America Psychological Associate awarded the seven-year accreditation to Larned State Hospital’s internship program.


“This will really help us in the recruitment and retention of quality staff,” Secretary Gilmore said. “In fact, many of our recent psychology hires are former psychology interns. This program will also enable Larned State Hospital to continue to strengthen its ability to serve as a teaching facility for psychology students.”


The internship program works with students to achieve the goal of producing psychologists who are competent to provide psychological services in an ethical, professional and knowledgeable manner. Furthermore the, program places an emphasis on training in a variety of settings, such as mental health centers, state hospitals, correctional settings and others. The internship students are working towards completion of their Ph.D., or Psy.D.  


All interns are exposed to the same training curriculum that includes individual and group therapy, assessment and report writing, weekly didactic training, individual and group supervision and professional development experiences.


The interns receive exposure to various types of treatment within Larned State Hospital’s three separate treatment units.


Larned’s Psychiatric Services Program (PSP) provides care and treatment for adults from a 61-county area in Kansas. Most patients are admitted on an involuntary status after being found by a court to be mentally ill persons who are a danger to themselves and others. All patients must be screened through his/her local community mental health center before they can be admitted.


The State Security Program (SSP) serves patients who are criminally committed by the court system or transferred from the Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) for treatment. SSP provides court-ordered pre- and post-trial assessments, sexual predator evaluations, competency restoration treatment, treatment for patients found not guilty by reason of mental defect and treatment in lieu of confinement. Also housed on SSP is the Security Behavior Unit (SBU) for civilly committed male patients who have severe behavioral disturbances including extreme aggressiveness. The Security Behavior Unit accepts patients from PSP and from Kansas’ two other sister hospitals. In addition, two units on SSP are dedicated to working with KDOC inmates prior to release into the community. The SSP is the only forensic hospital in the State of Kansas and as such accepts patients from all counties in the state.


The Sexual Predator Treatment Program (SPTP) is currently an all-male treatment program for patients committed under the Kansas Violent Sexual Predator Act. The SPTP accepts patients committed from all counties in the state. The focus of SPTP is to provide treatment and work toward community reintegration for the residents ordered to the program.