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Newsroom KANSASWORKS Employer Partner Incentive Announced

​TOPEKA - Department of Commerce and Department for Children and Families announce KANSASWORKS Employer Partner Incentive
Kansas Department of Commerce Secretary Pat George and Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) Secretary Phyllis Gilmore announced today the launching of the KANSASWORKS Employer Partner Incentive, which is designed to connect employers with persons with disabilities who are looking for secure, permanent, competitive and integrated employment.
A partnership between the two agencies will provide participating employers with incentives for hiring and retaining persons with disabilities who are certified as eligible by DCF.
“This program will be great for Kansas,” said George. “We want to make sure that more workers get a chance to secure good jobs and that employers have the opportunity to hire individuals who can greatly contribute to their businesses.”
“We are excited about this opportunity to get qualified individuals who are eager to work into good jobs with good companies,” Gilmore said. “These are highly motivated workers with an excellent work ethic and a great desire to be productive.”
“This is a program that will help employ Kansans with disabilities,” said Senator Dan Kerschen. “Now we need to work with employers and Kansans to make this program work.”
Through the KANSASWORKS Employer Partner Incentive, employers will be paid $1,500 for employing a qualified employee on a full-time basis for 90 days. If the qualified individual is still employed after a year, the employer will be eligible to receive an additional $1,500.
Employers may also receive $1,000 for employing a qualified worker for a year on a part-time basis that includes a minimum of 20 hours of work per week. Jobs must offer the same level of benefits and pay as is offered to non-qualified workers.
“When qualified individuals are employed, everyone wins – beginning with their employers,” Gilmore said. “People with disabilities who become employed experience job satisfaction, they spend their earnings in local communities and they contribute as taxpayers.”
Employers interested in participating in the KANSASWORKS Employer Partner Incentive should contact Jeff Schroeder with the Kansas Department of Commerce at (785) 296-0658 or