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Newsroom March is National Professional Social Work Month

As the largest employer of social workers in Kansas, the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services is proud to recognize its more than 400 social workers during National Professional Social Work Month.  

All social workers within SRS earned a degree in social work and are licensed to work in areas such as child protective services, adoption, mental health services, adult protective services, foster care and family preservation. The agency employs 423 licensed social workers across the state, representing more than 4,938 years of experience in the social work field.   

“As someone who has worked as a social worker, I know firsthand how essential they are to the safety and wellbeing of children and adults,” said Acting Secretary Phyllis Gilmore, who is a licensed clinical social worker. “I’m proud of the job our social workers do on the frontlines, protecting Kansas children and vulnerable adults every day.” 

Across the country, there are 642,000 professional social workers in America, according to the National Association of Social Workers. 

Gina Meier-Hummel, Director of SRS Children and Family Services and a Licensed Master Social Worker said she sees social work as both a responsibility and a privilege. 

“Often times as social workers we are walking into the darkest times of a person’s life, and we get the opportunity to reach out to them and lend our strength, compassion and hope.,” Meier-Hummel said. “I have worked alongside Kansas social workers for almost twenty years, and have learned so much from my colleagues.  I am proud to call myself a social worker. “