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Newsroom DCF Encourages Employment of Kansans with Disabilities

TOPEKA – During fiscal year 2013, 1,707 Kansans with disabilities were employed as a result of the Kansas Department for Children and Families’ (DCF) Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program. DCF Secretary Phyllis Gilmore would like to see this number grow. That’s why she is pleased to support National Disability Employment Awareness Month.
“When Kansans with disabilities are employed, everyone wins,” Secretary Gilmore said. “Persons with disabilities have the opportunity to fully participate in their communities; businesses have access to qualified employees to meet their workforce needs in a competitive marketplace; and the Kansas economy benefits through increased employment and reduced reliance on benefits.”
Persons with disabilities who were assisted by the VR program are employed in a wide range of occupations, including managerial, technical, health care, manufacturing, sales and more. They have an average wage of $9.80.
A study conducted by Wichita State University’s Center for Economic Development and Business Research found that:

• The employment of VR clients has a positive or multiplier impact on the economy.
• People employed as a result of VR services spend their income in local communities on housing, groceries, gasoline, services and taxes. Each dollar earned as a result of VR placement translates into $1.66 in total earnings through the economy.
• For each VR client employed, approximately 1.85 jobs are created in the overall economy.
Vocational Rehabilitation is the cornerstone of DCF efforts to empower Kansans with disabilities to become gainfully employed and self-sufficient. For more information about VR programs and services, visit