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Agency Information P - Acronyms and Abbreviations

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P -

P&P Purchase & Prepare

PA Public Assistance or Prior Authorization or Program Administrator

PAC Progress Assessment Chart

PACE Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

PAE Payment and Eligibility

PAHP Pre-paid Ambulatory Health Plan

PASARR Pre-Admission Screen & Resident Review

PASS Program Analysis of Services Systems or Plan for Achieving Self-Support

PAT Parents As Teachers or Paternity

PBM Pharmacy Benefit Manager

PBS Positive Behavior Supports

PC Personal Computer

PCA Personal Care Attendant or Program Cost Account

PCCM Primary Care Case Management

PCK PrimeCare Kansas

PCMR President’s Committee on Mental Retardation

PCN Primary Care Network

PCP Primary Care Physician

PCSP Person-Centered Support Plan

PD Personnel Director, Physically Disabled (HCBS Waiver), Position Description or Presumptive Disability

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PDI Professional Development Initiative

PDL Preferred Drug List

PDP Prescription Drug Plan

PEC Performance Evaluation Consultation or Program Evaluation Consultation

PEED Program for Early Evaluation of Development

PEEP Parenting Education and Employment Program

PELL Student Low Income Grant Program

PER Preeffectuaiton Review

PERC Peer Education Resources Council

PERM Payment Error Rate Measure

PES Prevention and Employee Supports

PF Putative Father

PFA Protection From Abuse

PFS Pulmonary Function Studies/tests

PGS Public and Governmental Services

PHA Physical Abuse

PHI Protected Health Information

PHN Physical Neglect

PHP Pre-payed Hospital Plan

PI Preliminary Investigation, Primary Information Person, Public Information

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PIC Private Industry Council

PIEX Interstate Location System

PIHP Pre-paid In-Patient Health Plan

PIL Protected Income Level

PIM Program Information Memorandum or Process Improvement Makers

PIN Personal Identification Number

PIP Program Improvement Plan

PL Poverty Level

PLE Poverty Level Eligible

PLS Poverty Level Standard

PLUS Program to Lower Utilization of Services

PM/PM Per Member Per Month

PMD Presumptive Medicaid Disability

PMDD Presumptive Medicaid Disability Determination

PMDT Presumptive Medicaid Disability Team

PME Person Months Eligible

PML Postmaster Letter

PMR Person Months Receiving

PO Purchase Order

POC Plan of Care or Point of Contact

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POMS Program Operations Manual System

POS Purchase of Service or Point of Sale

PP Prescribed Period (applies to Widow/ers only)

PPA Paper Products Area

PPC Police Protective Custody

PPG Performance Partnership Grant

PPM Policy and Procedure Manual

PPS Prevention and Protection Services or Protective Payment System

PQ Paternity Questionnaire

PR Purchase Requisition or Problem Report (IT)

PRC Protection Report Center

PRNT Parental Rights Not Terminated

PRO Professional Relations Officer or Professional Review Organization

ProDUR Prospective Drug Utilization Review

PRS Performance Reporting System

PRT Parental Rights Terminated

PRWORA Personal Responsibility & Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act

PSC Program Service Center

PSI Performance Improvement Staff

PSRO Professional Standards Review Organization

PSSF Promoting Safe & Stable Families

PT Physical Therapist

PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PU Process Unification

PW Pregnant Woman

PWA People With Aids or Person With Aids

PWD People With Disabilities, Person With Disability

PWI Projects With Industry

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