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Agency Information G through H - Acronyms and Abbreviations

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G -

G/C Guardian/Conservator

GA General Assistance

GAF Global Assessment of Function

GA-FC General Assistance - Foster Care

GA-GP General Assistance

GAL Guardian ad Litem

GA-RN General Assistance - Reintegration

GBH Group Boarding Home

GBR Governor’s Budget Reform

GC Good Cause

GED General Education Development, General Equivalency Diploma

GEI Great Expectations Initiative

GPRA  Government Performance Results Act

GT Genetic Test

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H -

HC Hard Copy (Verification)

HCPCS HCFA Common Procedure Coding System

HEAT Help Desk Expert Automated Tool


HH Household

HHA Home Health Agency or Home Health Aide

HHS Health and Human Services

HI Head Injured (HCBS Waiver)

HIC Health Insurance Claim or Health Insurance Coverage

HIP Hearing Impaired Program

HIPAA Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996

HIPPS Health Insurance Premium Payment System

HIRF Head Injured Rehabilitation Facility

HMO Health Maintenance Organization

HO Hand Out Material

HP Homes Plus

HRIRL Human Resources Information and Referral Line

HS Head Start

HSB Head Start Bureau

HSC Human Services Consultant or Human Services Counselor

HSS Human Services Specialist or Human Services Supervisor

HUD Housing and Urban Development

HW Health Wave

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