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Agency Information F - Acronyms and Abbreviations

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F -

FACTS Family and Children Tracking System

FBA Family Based Assessment

FBF Feedback Forms

FBI Faith Based Initiative or Federal Bureau of Investigation

FC Foster Care, or Failure to Cooperate

FCP Family Centered Practice

FCR Federal Case Registry

FDA Food and Drug Administration

FDCRS Family Child Care Rating Scale

FDSO Federal Debt Set-Off

FE Frail Elderly (HCBS Waiver)

FEA Family Emergency Assistance

FED Employee of a Federal Agency

FEE Genetic Test Fee

FEIN Federal Employer Identification Number

FERPA Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act

FFGF Federal Formula Grant Fund

FFH Family Foster Home

FFN Family, Friend and Neighbor (child care)

FFP Federal Financial Participation

FFS Fee for Service

FFY Federal Fiscal Year

FGC Federal Group Conferencing

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FIDM Financial Institution Data Match

FIPS Federal Information Processing Standards

FM Family Meetings

FMAP Federal Medical Assistance Percentage

FMLA Family Medical Leave Act

FMS Financial Management Service

FNS Food and Nutrition Services

FP Family Preservation or Food Programs

FPL Federal Poverty Level

FPLS Federal Parent Locator System

FPS Family Preservation Services

FQHC Federally Qualified Health Center

FRS Fraud and Recovery Section (Consumer)

FS Family Services, Food Stamps, Food Assistance or Food Services

FSA Family Support Act

FSNE Food Stamp Nutrition Education

FT Full Time (Employment)

FTE Full-Time Equivalent

FTI Federal Tax Information

FUL Federal Upper Limit

FVI Family Violence Indicator

FVO Family Violence Option

FY Fiscal Year

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