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Kansas Child Welfare Professional Training Program Child Welfare Philosophy of Care


The Kansas Child Welfare Philosophy of Care serves as a blueprint to describe the values underlying our work and partnership with families, providers and communities in the Kansas child welfare system. Prevention and Protection Services (PPS) promotes safe and healthy homes while strengthening children and families.


Kansas Child Welfare Values:  Statements of what we believe drive what we do.

  1. All children deserve to be protected and free from abuse and neglect.
  2. Children should be maintained with their family whenever possible.
  3. Families are important to the health and wholeness of children.
  4. Children need consistent nurturing in a healthy environment to realize their full potential.
  5. Children and families are to be understood within the context of their own family history and culture.
  6. All children need and deserve healthy, enduring relationships that provide stability and belonging.
  7. Foster care is a temporary intervention, with the primary goal of reintegration and, if reintegration is not possible, a secondary goal is to attain another form of permanency, such as adoption.
  8. Kansas child welfare staff should demonstrate integrity, understanding and compassion when addressing and overcoming difficult issues with children and families.
  9. Kansas child welfare staff should be committed, qualified, trained and skilled, and supported by an effectively-structured organization.
  10. Parents have the primary responsibility for a child's safety and wellbeing. However, the entire community can contribute to helping families so children reach their fullest potential.


Philosophy of Care (Reference)